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SavoirSoft's patent pending Marque-de™ open-publishing, micro-licensing platform solves the problems of distributing your copyrights across the Web thereby releasing the potential of your digital works-of-art. Permitting your works to be moved into the digital world, unlocks their hidden value: the readers and users looking for your talent and knowledge, and willing pay for digital versions of your works. Click here for a demonstration of the platform.

The Internet is an excellent sales and distribution channel for digital assets of  knowledge, expertise, talent and other intellectual property "works-of-art."  However, control over intellectual property rights, copyright compliance, and content management pose significant challenges in this web-connected, digital world for all but the most sophisticated publishers and device manufacturers. 

On one hand, digital distribution offers new channels to markets, vast audiences, and new revenue opportunities by satisfying the desire of millions of buyers who digitally consume such content.  However, technology advances that digitally replicate protected materials also make it easy to duplicate and transmit perfect copies of any data and information existing in digital form.

Also, despite the rapid adoption of social networking, there is still no easy way to find and collaborate with artists, writers, and experts when creativity, talent, and knowledge are needed.  In fact, one of the compelling potentials of the Internet -- to connect knowledgeable and talented people and groups with the vast numbers of those who need them -- is still illusive at best.

These digital dilemmas are associated with electronic copyright infringement and digital intellectual property piracy, as well as, the expanse of the Web itself.  With the vastness that is the Internet, capturing the time of interested audiences to create awareness of artistic and intellectual works-of-art is extremely difficult.

As a result, intellectual property rights holders -- academics, artists, journalists, musicians, writers, trade professionals, and publishers -- face serious challenges in tapping the massive market potential of the Web.  Attempts to do so require a deep understanding of the complexities of I.P. licensing conventions beyond already complicated copyright laws.  It also requires extensive web-application development skills in order to build I.P. protection applications and content distribution web-sites.  These skills and knowledge are extremely important to record and enforce digital intellectual property distribution and usage rights.

The Marque-de™ Platform notably simplifies intellectual property licensing processes for copyright holders and their buyers.  It greatly strengthens copyrights for works distributed digitally.  And Marque-de™ significantly increases the likelihood that readers and patrons will find writers and artists during internet searches.

SavoirSoft's open-publishing, micro-licensing platform, Marque-de™, is simple to use with no risk and low cost.  Copyright owners and their publishers can access Marque-de™ directly at, use it as a "SaaS" system with their own branding, or embed it into their own eCommerce, ePublishing web-sites. 

Contact us about Savoir Soft's solution to digital distributed intellectual property and learn how Marque-de™ can help you grow your success.



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