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What does publishing (self-publishing, micro-publishing, or otherwise) have to do with SavoirSoft's "Do Good Movement?"  How can a "Do Good Movement" really help publishers and writers?

A publisher who recently started using SavoirSoft's platform asked these questions.  One of the writers she works with introduced her to SavoirSoft as a way to securely sell and distribute PDF and ePub files of her books from her own site.  So, while getting the permission from the other authors she represents to use the platform for their works as well, these questions arose.

After we talked, she suggested I post the answer we discussed on SavoirSoft's blog.  An excellent idea!

To start, it is important to first highlight three principles upon which I founded SavoirSoft.  Collectively, they embody our Do Good Movement:

• First - I believe most people want to do "good," to have positive impacts on others.
• Second - I feel it is in most people's nature to be active and engaged.
• Third - I know when given opportunities to channel active engagement while helping others in positive ways, people can accomplish extraordinary things.

I realize negative events and behaviors we often hear and read about seem to dominate our lives.  They are the lead stories of papers and news casts, frequently the focus of office chitchat, and even occasionally cause us to pause the innate hopes we have for our lives and those of our families and friends.

However, when you really think about it, ours is not naïve hope.  Our hope is based on truths we experience everyday of the good we receive and do for others, and the kindness we witness that gives our "hope" its credibility.

A notable example is the outpouring of individual and collective assistance to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.  Also, consider the millions of hours and dollars given by ordinary people to all kinds of charities and community programs every year all over the world.  Parent teacher associations, youth programs, neighborhood clean-up days, community gardens, food-bank volunteers; and many, many other examples all represent our need to be active and engaged, and our desire to "do good."

These activities are not fueled by external reward, but by intrinsic motivations.  We do things for our own satisfaction, interests, need to contribute - the joy of doing something for its own sake.

Doing "good" prevails because the majority of us rise to the occasion, to participate, to be engaged, to make a positive difference.  Even when it is not showcased, "good" is everywhere.

As a result, there are tremendous opportunities to tap into these forces and multiply their benefits to all.  The challenge, however, is providing the means to channel all this energy and these desires - the resources for "good."  It is this challenge that provides SavoirSoft its mission of helping to advance the forces of good for the benefit of readers and writers everywhere.

The popularity of social networks like Facebook, Linked-In, Live-Spaces, MySpace, Twitter, etc. has expanded our abilities to connect and engage with each other.  Many leverage these networks to share, create, and contribute their resources - to do "good."  Unfortunately, there is still no easy way to access immense pools of intellectual property not yet on the Web, and to collaborate with the writers, artists, and experts of this value when their creativity and skills are needed.  In fact, one of the compelling promises of the internet - to connect talented and knowledgeable people and groups with the vast numbers of those who need them - is still illusive at best.

This veiled potential is due to the free nature of the Web where "free" is expected.  With this expectation, "free-for-the-taking" is accepted behavior and copyright infringement nearly the norm.  "Free" comes at a high-price then for those in search of and for those offering exceptional knowledge or expertise, uncommon talent, and unique entertainment of all genres.

If it were not for the threat of rampant copyright piracy, the Internet with its constellations of social networks would be an excellent platform for writers, publishers, teachers, professionals, and developers to distribute digital versions of text books, novels and short-stories; as well as, blueprints, curricula, monographs, computer code, screen plays, musical scores, poetry, technical drawings, formulas, business methods, videos, and pictures.  In essence, all unique works-of-art considered intellectual property, but very difficult to protect via copyrights in our digital world.

Wonderful works-of-art, uniquely valuable competence, and innovative solutions to perplexing problems are often kept off the web in response to potential digital pirates.  For those who could use and benefit from, and who would value their digital distribution, access to such works is made nearly impossible as a result.  The intellectual property and copyright owners are left with only print publishing or eBook aggregation sites to connect with their reader and user audiences.  Both distribution mediums provide traditional access, but severely limit new connections between readers, users, and authors; and hinder wide-spread access to much of the world's most relevant talent and expertise.

SavoirSoft's goal is to solve this problem and release the enormous good that can come from distributing digital intellectual property, works-of-art across the Internet.  Our solution is SavoirSoft's patent pending copyright licensing platform and our "Do Good Movement."

People join SavoirSoft's Do Good Movement and embed its patent pending, micro-licensing, micro-publishing platform into their own digital publishing web-sites to more effectively connect with and support each other.  The platform creates a constellation of authors, readers, and publishers so they can more easily find each other.  The movement is about multiple communities of professionals, practitioners, artists, and writers of all kinds reaching out to address the needs of their audiences; and the readers and patrons who support and champion this talent and expertise.

Ultimately, SavoirSoft's "Do Good Movement" is about people having the confidence that everyone's works-of-art and digital distribution rights will be respected and honored.

SavoirSoft's vision is to connect talented and knowledgeable people and groups with vast numbers of those who need them.  We accomplish this with a platform that is open to all to use, and that ensures digital pirates cannot limit the advance of the world's collective genius for the world's greater benefit.  At SavoirSoft, we are driven by John Wesley's famous quote:

"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can."

And as we like to say:  "As genius commences great works, labor makes them a reality, and their application proves the extraordinary."  SavoirSoft invites you to "enable the extraordinary."®



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