Overview of SavoirSoft's Marque-de™ Platform

SavoirSoft's open-publishing, micro-licensing platform helps owners of written and graphical works-of-art strengthen their copyright protections, and find immense new audiences for their works.

The patent pending, Marque-de™ Platform enables authors of all genres (architects, composers, freelance writers, journalists, lawyers, novelists, poets, teachers, and the practitioners of trades and professions) more effectively leverage the Internet to sell and digitally distribute their works, while ensuring their copyrights are better protected from digital pirates and copyright infringers.

See the open-publishing, micro-licensing platform in action here.

Publishing and selling your works on sites that use SavoirSoft's Marque-de™ Platform increases their Internet search engine rankings and fortifies your copyrights.

Unlike traditional Internet aggregation sites similar to Amazon's CreateSpace, or Scribd, Docstoc, and other single-point, e-publishing sites; when you publish to a site that uses the Marque-de™ Platform, your works automatically become part of a global constellation of Internet publishing sites connected to each other.  These vast web connections permit your digitally distributed books, short stories, curricula, blueprints, and all other digital works-of-art to be more readily found by Bing, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines because they are no longer relegated to one or just a few aggregation sites. 

Also, using Marque-de™ permits you to leverage intellectual property licensing conventions in ways the music and movie industries have used for years, thus providing profitable new marketing channels and revenue sources.

SavoirSoft's Marque-de™ Platform effectively helps Internet searchers find your creativity, expertise, talent and skills while maintaining the tremendous value of your works-of-art and your copyrights.

Each work you publish and sell using Marque-de™ has a unique key embedded in it.  We call this the document's "fingerprint," and it enables you to identify every reader/user and the terms and conditions accepted for each of your works.  You not only select these terms of use, but you set the licensing price for your works as well, something the eBook-eReader companies often DO NOT allow you to control. 

To ensure the greatest potential audience for your publications, your works are distributed in ePub and PDF formats so they can be accessed by all types of computing devices, eReaders, and web-enabled televisions.  There is no need to purchase conversion software, use multiple proprietary eReader formats, or use exclusive "eBook" distributors, all of which would just limit your access to your widest possible audience.  Furthermore, there are no browser plug-ins or desktop applications needed as there are with many other on-line publishing sites.

There are three ways to use Marque-de™ and become part of this global constellation of Internet publishing sites:

1. Publish your digital works-of-art directly to SavoirSoft.com or find a site that already uses the Marque-de™ Platform.  All authors are automatically provided a public web-page that list their works where readers and users can acquire these publications.  Should you have your own web-site, this public page and your site can easily be linked together.  Authors with a few publications will find using Marque-de™ in this way the easiest option.

2. Use Marque-de™ software-as-a-service system.  You use Marque-de™ directly from your own ePublishing site allowing readers to acquire your works from your branded site.  SavoirSoft maintains the Marque-de™ Platform for you.  This option appeals to writers who have well known brand-names and for publishers who represent the works of several authors.

3. Embed SavoirSoft's Marque-de™ Platform within your own web infrastructure.  The entire patent pending, Marque-de™ architecture can be fitted into and customized for sites, organizations and publishers who prefer managing their own intellectual property licensing systems.  This option is best suited to those publishers and organizations that need sophisticated customization and control over their digital intellectual property and its distribution.

SavoirSoft wants you to succeed in the digital publishing world.  Therefore, we have a low risk, low cost approach for adopting Marque-de™.  Our objective is to make it simple and profitable for you to publish on the web.

Contact us about Savoir Soft's solution to digitally distributed intellectual property and learn how Marque-de™ can help you grow your success.

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